Lydia Finance 2022 Roadmap

Hi Lydians,

2021 has been a great year and we have made so much progress. Here is a list of what we have accomplished in the last year. Here

Today we would like to introduce what we are working on currently and what is to come for Lydia in 2022.

Lydia’s Roadmap

New Analytics

We all love a good analytics page so we are making an improved version. The new Lydia Exchange Analytics website with an intuitive UI will be available soon.


We are always trying to improve upon the ease of use for Lydians. That way our platform is easy to use for all levels. The Zap feature is a very handy tool to create LP tokens with ease. It will be available on our exchange to help Lydians in quarter 1 2022.

NFT Marketplace

A key feature that many have been requesting as the NFT hype has grown over the last year. Our NFT marketplace for AvaxLions will be ready in Quarter 1. We’ll start with AvaxLions NFTs and more NFT collection integrations will follow.

Lydia Profiles

Create your Lydia Profile with your favorite AvaxLion and personalize your Lydia Finance experience! We are very excited about this feature and it will have many use cases on the Lydia Finance platform. Lydia profiles will be the key element for all beneficial opportunities that we’ll bring in the future. Lydia's Profile will be eligible to participate in our token sales. Also, we will create a gamification feature using Lydia Profile.

New UI/UX design

As we are always striving to improve, we know our UI/UX is good but we want to make it even better! We are working on a UI revamp which will make Lydia even more fancy and user-friendly. This is coming by the end of this quarter.


We want to be a one-stop shop for DeFi users on Avalanche so we know this is a key feature that many users look forward to. Lending will for sure be our biggest new feature in 2022. It will allow Lydians to lend or borrow money and earn high yields without IL.

Leverage Farming

Another very exciting feature for us! This will be an extra layer onto Lydia Lending by taking advantage of borrowing assets to multiply your yield farming position, resulting in you accruing larger yields.

Launchpad updates

As you may know, we’ve made some improvements to our launchpad recently and there will be more to come to make it even better:

Unlimited tier

Currently, all Lydians that have 100$ of LYD staked in the Lydian’s pool can participate in our token sales. We are adding a new tier logic that will require users to stake a bigger amount of LYD to participate in the unlimited token sale.

Reserve Creation

A unique feature for a launchpad that we are excited to bring to the Lydians! We are building a new reserve with the money we get from token sales instead of directly using it to burn LYD. This reserve will get bigger with each token sale, it will be used to buy back LYD and to stabilize the LYD price when needed.

New Exchange Listings

As you all know we have recently posted a proposal to remove LYD from Bitmart and look for a better CEX. We are already negotiating with some reliable CEX’s (centralized exchanges) and are estimating to list on them in 2022!

More gamification

Lydia’s Lottery was the first decentralized gamification on Avalanche and many Lydians have doubled their amount of LYD tokens with it. Now we are working on bringing some more games to Lydia that will allow you to earn even more LYD while playing games. Lydian’s profile will be a part of it to personalize your gaming experience.

To Conclude:

Lydia has grown so much over 2021 and we are happy with the progress. We will keep delivering on our vision while making sure we keep the platform safe. We strive to improve upon everything we have already built and we are happy to share this journey with all of the Lydians. We believe that 2022 will be a much better year for us and the whole Avalanche ecosystem. We wish you a healthy and wealthy year.




Decentralized finance platform for Avalanche assets. 🦁

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Lydia Finance

Lydia Finance

Decentralized finance platform for Avalanche assets. 🦁

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