Hurricane Swap x Lydia Finance Partnership

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Hurricane Swap! We will be starting a farm on Lydia Finance for the HCT/AVAX pair! Hurricane Swap will also be creating a LYD/HCT farm on their platform! We will also have an AMA in the Lydia Finance Telegram group so our users can learn more about Hurricane Swap. And they will host an AMA in their Telegram group so their users can learn more about Lydia finance.

About Hurricane Swap

HurricaneSwap is the 1st cross-chain liquidity DEX based on Avalanche. With the innovative LP-Bridge mechanism (Roke Protocol), users can trade popular assets of other chains without leaving Avalanche. And taking the advantages of Avalanche, HurricaneSwap provides users with a high-performance, low slippage, low-cost and seamless cross-chain trading experience.

About Lydia Finance

Lydia Finance is an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Avalanche.
Their rich UI and comprehensive documentation/tutorials allow every level of user to invest in DeFi and maximize their earnings by taking advantage of Avalanche’s lightning-fast infrastructure with very low gas costs.
Trade, stake, pool, and earn $LYD and many other token utilities all on Lydia Finance.




Decentralized finance platform for Avalanche assets. 🦁

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Lydia Finance

Lydia Finance

Decentralized finance platform for Avalanche assets. 🦁

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