Governance and The Lydian’s Pool

Lydia Finance
1 min readDec 16, 2021


Hi Lydians,

The Lydian’s Pool went live today with an update. As we mentioned on the previous blog post update users who deposited their LYDs into this pool will have the right to participate in Lydia’s governance and with an upcoming update, only users who deposited funds into this pool will be eligible to participate in our future IFOs.

A higher APY

The Lydian’s Pool provides a higher APY because it has a very low performance fee compared to the Auto LYD pool.

The Second LYD Bounty

Now we have another LYD bounty called “Lydian’s Pool Bounty” on the Electrum Pools page given as a reward for providing a compounding service to other users.


Our governance space is now ready at It works with lydia-gov-vault strategy that is connected to your balance on the Lydian’s Pool. Minimum 1M LYD is required to create new proposals. We’ll be creating proposals for important updates on the Lydia ecosystem.

Come an be a part of our governance with your proposals and votes!



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