Farm Migration for new Avalanche Bridge tokens

According to Ava Labs' announcement Avalanche launched a new bridge.

Now we are calling as old bridge tokens and new bridge token, also the naming convention is different here is the examples;

For instance, DAI from Ethereum will be DAI.e.
You can convert old assets to new ones using the convert tool from Ava Labs.

We will do this migration step by step.
Here is the first step: emmision changes are;

USDT-LYD 40x → 20x | USDT.e-LYD 20x

ETH-LYD 20x → 10x | ETH.e-LYD 10x

USDT-AVAX 3x → 1x | USDT.e-AVAX 2x

ETH-AVAX 4x → 2x | ETH.e-AVAX 4x

SUSHI-AVAX 1x → 0x | SUSHI.e-AVAX 1x

WBTC-AVAX 2x → 0x | WBTC.e-AVAX 2x

USDT-DAI 0.5x → 0x | USDT.e-DAI.e 0.5x

LINK-AVAX 6x → 0x | LINK.e-AVAX 5x

For SUSHI-AVAX, WBTC-AVAX, USDT-DAI to 0x allocation, other farms will be half of what it is now, as above.

After Aug 25th 12:00 GMT rewards from our farms using the old bridge tokens will stop completely. So please make sure to migrate your LPs before then.

NOTE: 25 AUG 12:00 GMT Old farms allocation will be 0x

Here is a quick migration guide;

Go farms page then select your farm;

Press minus button (-) a quick modal will appear as follow;

Click the max button then click confirm button, it will unstake your staked liquidity.

Go exchange page

Find your liquidity pool here, click the remove button then the Remove Liquidity window will appear as follow;

Click the Max button or slide right then press Approve button sign with metamask wallet then Remove button will active, press the Remove button & confirm.

The new AB Bridge supports new token contracts, name conventions end with .e as mentioned above. The old ones will be deprecated from AEB

That's why tokens are needed to convert new tokens.

There is a tool from Ava Labs
For more information here is the official tutorials

Go to select your token then press the Upgrade button wait for a while after 2 transaction confirmations you will have a new token.e

For example, as you see from simple after USDT conversion will have USDT.e token

Follow the same steps here:

Or watch the video to understand how liquidity add:

Open add liquidity window, select your new token pair for instance if you want to stake your tokens to new AVAX-USDT.e you should select AVAX and USDT.e token then set your amount and approve tokens after supply will actively press the Supply button.

After you create the LP token with new bridge tokens find your farm from the farm page. Approve and stake your new LP.

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